Regional Geospatial Service Center


The regional geospatial service centers were established to advance, update and distribute geospatial data both imagery in raster format or vector data between UTEP, SFA, Texas Natural Resource Information system (TNRIS) the state hub for geospatial data, NGA (National Geospatial Agency) and the USGS (United States Geological Survey). The two prototype centers are located at the University of Texas at El Paso and Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA). These centers will be connected over a high bandwidth network like the LEARN network to update and backup critical data that will sustain operations related to emergency response by the Texas National Guard and local emergency responders in any natural or human induced disaster. Geospatial data will be published over the Internet as web services in secure Internet mapping servers.The centers will also support and advance research and develop applications related to security, health and economic development. For operation we have purchased the following equipment:

The servers will be clustered to run ArcGIS server, Spatial Database Engine (SDE), SQL server or/and Oracle, ArcIMS mapping services, Developer ArcObject, web services. The HPC cluster will be used to run parallel processing software related to GIS, developing applications, running transportation models, finite difference and finite element models. This will be the first windows cluster at UTEP running Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.


Download Equipment Details (.pdf)