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Gravity Base Stations - North Dakota


Reference Base Stations


NGA Reference Base Station Listing


Absolute, Absolute Excenter, Pendulum and/or Calibration Base Stations. Base Stations Information.


  • BISMARCK A: Federal Bldg. and Post Office Rm. 5B, Bismarck, ND (Absolute)
  • BISMARCK B: Federal Bldg. & PO entrance, Bismarck, ND (Abs. Excenter/Nat'l)
  • BISMARCK K: Bismarck Airport Old Gate 3, Bismark, ND (National)
  • GRAND FORKS J: Brekke Bldg. N. corner, Grand Forks, ND (Calib./Pendulum/Nat'l)
  • MINOT 29 A: Bomber Ave. in front of Bldg. 130, Minot AFB, ND (National)
  • MINOT 31: NCO Club Bldg. 292, Minot AFB, ND (Abs Excenter/National)
  • MINOT J: Base Operations Bldg. 746, Minot AFB, ND (National)
  • MINOT TRANSPORT: Minot International Airport, Minot, ND (Base)