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Gravity Base Stations - Missouri


Reference Base Stations


NGA Reference Base Station Listing


Absolute, Absolute Excenter, Pendulum and/or Calibration Base Stations. Base Stations Information.



  • KANSAS CITY B: Post Office section of Richard Bolling Federal Bldg., Kansas City, MO (National)
  • KANSAS CITY K: Downtown Airport, Kansas City, MO (National)
  • ROLLA AA: Univ. of MO-Rolla, McCormick Cave, Newburg, MO (Absolute)
  • ROLLA CA: Univ. of MO-Rolla, McCormick Cave, Newburg, MO (Abs. Excenter)
  • ROLLA DILLON: Rolla Industrial Park, Rolla, MO (Base)
  • ROLLA MCMC: USGS Midcontinent Mapping Center, Rolla, MO (Base)
  • ST. LOUIS XA: St. Louis University Macelwane Hall, St. Louis, MO (Abs. Excenter)