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Download the Gravity and Magnetic Apps here:

Due to hardware failure of the server, the application will not available temporarly. Please email me if you need data. Thank you for understanding

Gravity Magnetic with CSV

Gravity Magneticy with File GeoDatabase

Important Help instructions for the new Flex APP:

1. Click on the base map and select either gravity or magnetic data for the download. The default is magnetic data layer. 

2. Enter your search coordinates in the box, or use the spatial rectangular selection and draw your extent on the map.

3. Click on extract to download the data. Wait until you receive a prompt to save the data to your local drive.


Gravity data attributes

Source Code: Reference to  who collected the data, or assigned ID

LatNAD27, LongNAD27 are latitude and longitude using NAD27 (North American Datum 1927) 

LatNAD83, LongNAD83 are latitude and longitude using NAD83 (North American Datum 1983)  

elevngvd29m, elevngvd88m There are the elevation vertical datum 1929 or 1988 

obsgrvless976000mg  This is the gravity meter reading minus 976000

ITC and OTC are the inner and outer terrain correction

Faanom = free air anomaly

CBAnom267 = Complete Bouger anomaly reduced to background density of 267



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Dr. Raed Aldouri