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One of our missions is to help emergency responders. Therefore, a certified accessibility specialist who is a faculty at the science health department with the El Paso Fire Dept. will be visiting local High Schools to check their accessibilty and categorize these facilities. If there is a major evacuation as we have seen in case of a hurracaine, then the fire dept know were to send evacuee to which shelter.

The center has established a direct real time video feed from Texas dept. of transportation to UTEP and we can view the four camera's on highway 10 that are close to the university. The project is helping our police dept. tremendously especially in planning for major events and football games. They are able to direct traffic from their command center and ease congestions.

The center have created the following interactive map for UTEP in coordination with Parking and Web content to facilitate accessability for visitors, students and any member of the community. The first beta version includes an 2007 Orthophoto as a backdrop, buildings, streets, emergency phones and handicap parking locations. Additional layers that will be added include shutle routes, bike routes, construction zones, legend and a pop-up help page.

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